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Our products

None of our meat products are imported, but freshly made in The Netherlands by traditional methods using only the finest cuts of pork to produce delicious and succulent sausages, bacon & pork pies. We do not use rusk, breadcrumbs, water or any other kind of filler to bulk out our products, just great quality ingredients for a great tasting product.

English style premium sausages & in a range of ten delicious varieties:

British Bangers

Traditional English

Pork & Leek

Sage & Onion


Mild Italian

Hot Italian

Spanish Chorizo

Thai Curry

Indian Curry

Traditionally cured back bacon:

Just like bacon used to be!!

500g packs of back bacon home cured in The Netherlands using traditional methods & with a light oak & beech smoke flavour.

Traditional style rustic pork pies:

Large English style 600g round pork pies with just the right amount of seasoning for a great traditional flavour.

Ready cooked, best eaten cold with pickles & mustard straight from the fridge!

Herbs & Spices:

We have a great selection of herbs & spices with prices at a fraction of supermarket prices!!

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